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UL Listed Copper Bonded Earth Rod in 250 Micron (Size is 12.7, 14.2, 17.2 and Length is 8 and 10 feet)

Amiable impex, AI Earthing is the Largest and Biggest Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of copper bonded earth rod and its accessories and offers a complete line of rods and accessories to meet the needs of every user.


Copper Bonded Earth Rod is a product that helps in dissipating the fault current to help your assets being damaged from the hazards of fault current.  Copper bonded rods are manufactured standard micron  which is internationally accepted. is a pioneer in manufacturing copper clad steel grounding rods with a remarkable production capacity of producing 1000 rods(Std Micron) per day and that enables us to meet the shortest possible delivery time. 



The copper layer is bonded to steel core through an electrolytic process that ensures a perfect and tough bonding between the steel and the copper the ground rods are fully covered with copper without any cracks, holes, cavities etc. and prevent exposure of the steel core to soil and moisture. Therefore it can resist corrosion better and has capacity of being driven to great depths. 


Copper bonded rod is most widely used as grounding electrodes. Amiable has in house State of the Art Technology to manufacture the grounding rod with more than 250 micron copper bonding Earth rod UL Listed is tested by other NABL accredited lab.


In the copper bonded earth rods, threads on the rods are formed externally. In the Copper Bonded Earth Rods the top and the bottom are threaded using the Cold rolling process. This process is done by forming a wave on both the top and the bottom of the rod. This process is accepted worldwide as it makes the threads much stronger. This threading process also eliminates the risk of breaking off the threads while putting the rods into the ground.


Among the threading processes, cold-rolling is a superior one compared to the cut thread process. In the cut thread process the strength of the rod is minimized by the shedding procedure, while in the cold rolling process the strength of the rod remains the same.


These sectional earth rods are threaded on both ends to allow rod-to-rod connections with couplings to meet customers’ specific needs. Such procedure permits up to 100-feet depths to be reached with no damage to the threads or the couplings.




  • Pointed Copper Bonded Earth Rods 
  • Manufactured of high strength cold drawn steel


Compression Couplers for Pointed Rods

  • For use when coupling pointed rods


Sectional Copper Bonded Earth Rods

  • For use when it is necessary to deep-drive rods
  • Cold-rolled threads - stronger than cut threads


Threaded Couplers for Sectional Rods

  • For use when coupling sectional rods

Features of Copper Bonded Earth Rod


1. The advanced automatic electroplating production lines and four dimensional continuous speed electroplating processes ensure the uniform coating and stable performance of the earth rods.


2. “Accelerate corrosion experiment” are carried by China authority department with different soil types, and the service life of Anchor earth rod are proven more than 40 years.


3. The factory lab is equipped with advanced analytical instruments to analyze and test dozens of technical parameters during the plating production process.


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