Copper Bonded Earth Electrode

Copper Bonded Earth Electrode plays a very important role in all electrical systems. The correctly designed and installed earthing system rods will safeguard both lives & equipment’s.


Low impedance grounding is essential to protect transmitting facilities and personnel from external or internal electrical anomalies. Copper Bonded Earth Rod are often insufficient due to high ground resistively or a limited installation area.


With the incorporation of innovative designs and implementation of cutting edge technology, we offer a broad range of Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes. These products offer cost effective and efficient earth rod grounding system. These reliable earth rods are corrosion resistant and eliminate electrolytic action.


made with steel core and a copper exterior to provide increased conductivity and corrosion resistance. The electrodes are CPRI approved for length 3 meters, 17 mm diameter with copper coating of 250 microns. Adherence of copper to steel rod is achieved through a pioneered bright acid copper plating process using 14 stations using proper current densities, temperature and brightener additives to achieve copper plating with finer grain structure and a smoother, harder and more uniform surface.



Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes are made from the Following:


- Uniformly bonded pure copper electrolyte.

- High tensile steel core of thickness 0.254 mm.

- Coupling threads ensure thread strength and maintain integrity of the bonded copper.


We also Manufacture Copper Bonded Earth Electrode in following Micron:


- 50 micron Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes

- 100 micron Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes

- 250 micron Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes






Transformer Neutral Earthing

Lightning Arrestor - Earthing

Equipment Body Earthing

Computer & Data Processing Centers

Optional electrical conductivity.

High mechanical strength.

Allow connection to earthing systems like foundation earthing and others.




- Type of Earthing : Sealed maintenance free chemical filled earthing electrode.


- Diameter of the pipe :


40mm Copper Bonded Earth Electrode

50mm Copper Bonded Earth Electrode

76mm Copper Bonded Earth Electrode


- Thickness: 1.5mm / 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm / 3.5mm


- Length of the pipe : 2000mm/3000mm


 - Size of the conductor :(25x6) mm copper (99% pure), length 3100mm


- Terminal diameter : 12mm


- Chemical used in the pipe : CCM Approximate Weight-10 KG


- GBFC(Ground enrichment material) : Minimum 60kg it is soil enrichment chemical mainly consisting Aluminum Silicate




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